Choose Your Self-Storage Units

  • Small Storage Units
    (10 to 20 sqft / 1 to 3 cbm)

    Personal Use: 1 Bedroom Apartment
    Lockers that store up to 16 boxes, small furniture items.

    Business Use: 1-2 Office Cubicles
    Lockers for storing files & boxes (up to 16 boxes).

    Recommended Transport Size: 1-tonLorry-1-ton

  • Medium Storage Units
    (30 to 40 sqft / 6 to 7 cbm)

    Personal Personal Use: 1 Bedroom Home
    Store chairs, sofas, a desk, a mattress and frame, boxes and small household items.

    Business Use: 1 Office, Inventory
    Store files, desks, cabinets, computers, printers and copiers, and other medium-sized office equipment.

    Recommended Transport Size: 1-ton Lorry-1-ton

  • Large Storage Units
    (41 to 80 sqft / 8 to 15 cbm)

    Personal Use: 2 Bedroom Home and Appliances
    Store desks, bookcases, patio furniture, sofas, beds, washer and dryer and other large household items.

    Business Use: Inventory, Tools and Equipment
    Store conference tables, office equipment, cubicles and more. Or store tools and equipment.

    Recommended Transport Size: 3-tonLorry-1-ton

  • X-Large Storage Units
    (101 to 200 sqft / 16 to 45 cbm)

    Personal Use: 3-4 Bedroom Home
    Store several mattresses, sofas, patio furniture, appliances and other large household items.

    Business Use: Commercial Storage
    Store inventory, tools or equipment with room for boxes, desks and more.

    Recommended Transport Size: 10-tonLorry-1-ton

Don't know which size to choose? You can go ahead and rent the space online that you think works best and if you need another size, we'll adjust your reservation. It's that easy!
If you need help selecting a size, our friendly staff is here to help. Call us now or send an email and let our storage experts assist you - OR - Reserve a unit now and we'll hold it for free until our staff contacts you.